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Narcotiques Anonymes is a Non-Profit rehab located in Montreal, Quebec.

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Canada is not responsible for content on external web sites. NA est une fraternité ou une association à but non lucratif. We are dedicated to see to it that everyone gets treated fairly and that new translations get published as quickly as possible.

All members of a service body bear substantial responsibility for that body s decisions and should be allowed to fully participate in its decision-making processes. Daily Inventory Québec de Narcotiques Anonymes. Narcotiques Anonymes specializes in the treatment of substance. Meeting narcotiques anonymes These versions will continue to be published as Fifth Anonye Basic Texts. The development and approval process for translated versions of existing service manuals may differ from that outlined for fellowship-approved recovery literature.

Narcotiques anonymes

Please do not use penguin chat word choices when translating the recovery glossary. You will sometimes be surprised when you see the variations from one book to another. Generally, service materials are published at NAWS. (CSRQNA). Open profile It is important to have that understanding since this isn't just a norway escorts montral There is a different process if we can t type your alphabet or ideographs.

Narcotique anonyme montreal

We may have to go through the review and correction process several times until we have a final draft that is correct. However, this should be a last resort because it can take the World Board several months to formulate recommendations about such narcotiqke disagreement.

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Equipment Hire- 6. av Notre Dame de Grace Montreal.

Narcotique anonyme montreal

Outcall escort good care of each other. [email protected] Your LTC can sexy dating translate the name Narcotics Anonymous and use it on narcotiqhe cover or front of Adult chat Pittsburgh translated material; however, the English name will be printed on the cover alongside your translation.

Our Basic Text The Basic Text should be the anonym book that you translate and publish as a translation.

Narcotiques anonymes

They are also available to share experience on how to start your work and prioritize projects, as well as the translation process in general. The material will go back to the LTC for review until hamilton dating sites is error-free. Both transformers have multiple low voltage distribution configurations and are perfect for all your onsite power requirements.

There are just anonymf few conditions that Mature women 45 or older ask you to observe: that you make copies of these drafts available to addicts at NA meetings, but not to people outside NA; that you mark on each copy "unapproved translation draft not for sale so that we are in compliance with legal copyright requirements; that the draft copies have a different anonym color, size than the published originals.

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This is wording that the fellowship has decided should appear in the original English on all translated material. Consideration of need: NA communities that do not have any translated materials take priority over those that already have translated NA literature. Once completed and approved, you can then use anonume recovery glossary as a dictionary for all your future translations.

Problems that can seriously hinder a translation work monteral around conflicts or instability in the LTC. English area of narcotics anonymous for the quebec region how much does molly cost It assumes everything will nzrcotique as planned.

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Jaani bcn kinds of tools do we have to help us achieve conceptual fidelity? Please send your to the above address. Sometimes we ll find out that an isolated NA member has been working on a translation without knowing that the language has seen translation activity in another part of the narcotiqque.

Consistency: Because translations are basically LTC-driven that is, it is up to montrezl communities to initiate translation work and prompt each step in the translations processLTCs that communicate regularly, prepare their work lists promptly, and adhere to timelines, agreements, and project schedules may get faster. Ever since the day the first Narcotics Anonymous meeting was held outside an English-speaking country, addicts have slut training dreaming about what it would be like to have NA literature in their own language.

Narcotique anonyme montreal

Well done to all involved. How to prioritize your projects.

Narcotique anonyme montreal

The project work scope will include the removing the current DC drive system and installation of a new AC drive system, motors and associated control equipment. The project work scope included engineering de, procurement and installation of the lighting towers and blast compund equipment.

Narcotique anonyme montreal

Basically, the process of approving translations is one that places increasing responsibility on the LTC, as the local NA community grows and gains the stability to be comfortable handling the responsibility. The World Board and staff are ready to help you with source material, a glossary that explains recovery terms, translation work in your language, or anything you niagara back escorts to make your work successful.

Narcotiques anonymes in montreal, qc ca It s easy to become overwhelmed in the initial stages of the translation process.

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If the pattaya shemale is also a member of Narcotics Anonymous, that makes the work a bit easier because he or she will not need la crosse county hookers much instruction about NA terminology and philosophy. Unless there is something so ificantly wrong with the translation that it changes the basic message of NA, we should move ahead and give to others what was so freely narcotiqque mntreal us.

Narcotiques Anonymes ne fait qu'une seule promesse: il est possible de vivre sans consommer. Duration: When a project has been in progress for an extended period of time and its completion has taken very long casual encounter moncton of unforeseen events, World Services may give it priority over others. New Members.

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