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And yes, I've got the Internet and different opportunities to write about spanking, but there's no substitute for the real thing. Learn about Male Chastity, Spanking, submission. I need to be spanked.

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I was like, "Wow, those 3 paddles looked earie and scary to me. Mommy loves her boy. The sting had an amazing hold on me - like a narcotic.

Mm spanking stories

We are one of the few services online who values our users' privacy, and have never sold your information. But we neither have the capacity nor the desire to compete with. I went straight to my Mistress' Home and I knew that she would know what I needed. But as I was always afraid of the paddle. I still do it now. I try not to masturbate at all, as befits a Massachusetts MA adult personals 'boy' I am in my 50's body-wise but s;anking 'boy' in my hepace.

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Why Miss E? There just isn't.

Mm spanking stories

The True Story. And from then on that made me realize that I wanted to experience other different kinds and sizes of paddles. That was two years ago and my husband regularly spanks me now.

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This forum is meant for those 18 and over stogies all stories must be about adult males being spanked. Femdom Stories. When I broke I would've preferred that we at least attempt to reconcile, but she simply wasn't interested. Not even when I was 14, and she found a spanking paperback I'd forgotten in the bathroom. But he also knew that paddles do hurt, and I also always knew that as well.

Mm spanking stories

Male on male spanking stories · The boy in the tree · Revenge of the Old Boy · Illicit drinking buddies · Old Dud and the wrought iron gate · In for a penny, in for a​. I cried for about an hour. I would sometimes get a Naughty woman want sex tonight Tulsa washcloth out of the closet and bite down on it as I inflicted as much pain as possible on my buttocks and upper thighs.

Its like it fills and emotional need as well and makes me feel like no matter spanming he loves me and cares for me. I have a couple of 'd' that I travel to, and spend long weekends and receive several scolding, spankings, hugs and the acceptance that I have sought for my whole life.

When my husband spanks me, it makes me feel so sexy. High-quality, cock-throbbing spanking stories now hosting the Jimka archive of over male spanking stories ME Spanking my BF's bare backside Contact area where you can meet other guys into male spanking 'All boys need a good spanking sometimes' OR 'I'm too young and I'll get a spanking if I get caught! He is now grown. But imagine Nicole Kidman with a paddle and a spanking strap doesn't Nicole look like the would give Nailsworth free chat rooms really hard spanking?

But then afterwards Stroies feel blissful for about a week or two, before the need to be spanked again begins building.

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Read the 50 Shades of Grey? This was long before I knew what sex was all about. He was recruited as the cabin boy without realizing that he's the only male on the Yes, do to embarrassment I never vocalized my spanking need to my sttories. I hope you don't think you are that unusual. If this material might offend please click the back button now.

Mm spanking stories

I think it is great and wonderful for these men to masturbate, but for me it is wrong since i do not have storifs. Sincerely, Bruce When I was a teen my parents had quit spanking me and I not on felt the need for a spanking but did not have the nerve to ask.

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While this site is dedicated spaning providing home for all male spanking art, be it graphic or written. Well as you said, the need for real therapy spanking are very few and far between.

CFNM medical examination ends up with sperm donation, femdom handjob, strap-on sex, rectal exam and other Pete storjes him everyway but loose and punishes him in a hot, funny and creative way! I have found that I have felt some measure of relief in-between getting spanked by self-imposing two things in my life; 1.

These stories and more - of Female Supremacy and Domination, of male surrender, torture and debasement. But I don't mind thin small lightweight paddles but big ones I try to run away from.

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I don't think ill ever not need my daddy he helps me so much and i thank god for him. I live in a rural area and receiving takes a lot of contacts and I often have to travel to receive.

We even said we loved each other on the phone. I get rewarded for my pics with a heavenly cunt-licking.

Because, I saw her owning 3 lightweight paddles on the top of her closet in her house that she was living in when I was born. After plenty of face slapping, flogging, spanking and cock spanoing, Nika explains to rico that he must get his cock After that date I received several spankings from her for misbehavior. Feeling af if I was doing something wrong in looking beyond my own front door.

As a kid I felt like something was building up inside me and I needed it to be released.

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But ever since childhood I've always wanted to experience different implements as spankint as the paddle. You've come to the right place! Adult spanking and discipline stories, to be exact, so if you are not interested in that sort of thing or are not old enough to be viewing adult content, scram! I also honestly think that he wanted to experience or feel the paddle as well by her. Debbie My Aunt Died.

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