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When they prepared to leave the Prison World.

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TBH, this was when we started to see worlf chemistry between Damon and Bonnie. Being the most selfless character on "The Vampire Diaries," Bonnie would do anything to help a friend, even if it meant risking her own life and sacrificing her happiness.

As dnd the disc in general, this is, as I said before, a good album. The lyrics aren't just as good as on the aforementioned Reach the Sky album and neither is it as melodiously good.

Friends for the end of world

Maura Roberts and Billy-Ray Belcourt get together to discuss radical friendship, a relation that both includes and exceeds allyship, as a life. To which Bonnie responded.

Then, upon their release, Damon was faced with an unimaginable decision: save Bonnie and lose Elena for the next 60 years or let Bonnie die and get the love of his life back. Bonnie is the only one who won't put up with Damon's crap, and frankly, Damon yhe a person like that in his life. That's how he knew Bonnie was still alive!

Friends for the end of world

To. In the end, Damon chose Bonnie and that cemented Bamon's friendship as one of our favorite dynamics on the show.

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Damon and Bonnie teamed up to convince Bonnie's mom to help them take down Evil Alaric. It doesn't get any more legit that that, people.

Friends for the end of world

Of course they reunited over pancakes! When the two finally met up, they shared a relieved hug. OK, so Bamon's first major interaction on "TVD" wasn't exactly an affectionate one, as Bonnie and Damon have been, at best, frenemies for most of their relationship on the show. Jerry had one female friend: Elaine. Jun 19, - Explore Seeking a Friend for the End o's board "Seeking FRIENDS Before The End OF The World" on Pinterest.

Here's how far Bamon has come throughout the season. In this Season 6 scene, Damon and Bonnie find themselves ready to return to present-day Mystic Falls. Does it stand out from other hardcore albums?

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They were each other's rocks in the Prison World. This Season 3 scene worrld Damon and Bonnie together for a common goal: to find Bonnie's mother.

In this scene, Damon and Bonnie went grocery shopping for pancake ingredients because you can't be stuck in and not have pancakes and bourbon every fog day. This scene proved that Bamon could be so much more than frenemies; they could be legit friends. Not remotely. When Damon hugged Mr.

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When Bonnie returned from When Bonnie sacrificed herself to get him home. Damon and Bonnie had never been best friends.

Friends for the end of world

But it isn't bad either. She hated all vampires, TBH.

The end of former friends

It was a beautiful moment between vampire and stuffed bear. Given the choice to save Ffiends or let Bonnie die and spend the rest of eternity with his true love Elena, Damon chose to save Bonnie -- sending Elena into The Deep Sleep for the next 60 or so years. While this is a decent album, it just does Wife hates football compare with So Far From Home.

In Season 6, Damon and Bonnie were stuck in a Prison World and this was when they started to get really close.

Friends for the end of world

But worpd Season 1 scene highlighted one of the best things about Bamon's dynamic: Bonnie does not fall for Damon's charms. That's exactly what she did when Kai thwarted Bonnie and Damon's plans to go back to the present.

Friends reunite for total annihilation in "the world's end"

Not only that, but Ian's singing just isn't as good as it was before. See more ideas about end of the. With a arrow sticking out of her stomach, Bonnie was able to pull Damon into the light of the eclipse and throw him the Ascendant so he could leave and return to the real world in Mystic Falls. When Damon called Bonnie and Alaric his besties. In fact, Bonnie pretty much hated Damon until Season 3.

Elaine had boyfriends, a job, and what seemed worlx be tangential relationships with Jerry's other friends, Kramer and George. But Season 6 changed everything.

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Then the two shared the most epic hug of all time before Bonnie could show him the video she took of the woman from the Prison World, AKA his mother Lilly Salvatore. When Bamon made perfect shopping partners. When Damon saved Bonnie from Kai.

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